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Published 2019-10-30

SFC Position paper – Swedish biofuel production and the role of gasification

SFC Position paper – Swedish biofuel production and the role of gasification

The Swedish Gasification Center (SFC) has, with the support of the Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) and others formulated a position document regarding Swedish biofuel production and the potentially large role of gasification technologies.

We claim that gasification is one of the most cost-effective technologies for the production of advanced biofuels and in this paper, several new effective policy instruments are proposed. We believe that by introducing these instrument, domestic investments in production of advanced biofuels, in particular via biomass gasification, would be enabled.

The document has partly been formulated by the SFC’s management group and program council and partly on the basis of discussions at two workshops, “New instruments for renewable fuels and their impact on future gasification establishments” held in Stockholm 2019-01-31, and “New instruments for investments in Swedish bio refineries ”held in Stockholm 2019-04-08.

A total of approximately 65 people from universities, authorities, institutes, associations, companies and industries participated with a common interest in reducing climate impact and accelerating the transition to a fossil-free transport sector. Based on a draft of the present position paper, a large majority of participants supported the content.

However, this does not mean that every participant, and by extension, the organizations they represent, shares the views expressed in this document in its entirety or in its various parts. The document mainly expresses the SFC’s position, and does not claim to express the views of any other person or organization beyond what is stated above.

The position paper is in Swedish and in English, please find the links below

SFC Positionsdokument om biodrivmedel

SFC Position paper on biofuels