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SFC Gasification Academy 2019

Approximate Methods for Gasification Simulation

Preliminary contents

  • Overview of available methods, summary of challenges in modeling of biomass gasification
  • Thermodynamic equilibrium – when can it be used, what are the limitations
  • Flow sheet simulation – when can it be used and what are the limitations
  • Computational fluid dynamics – theory, limitations, examples of advanced use
  • Seminar with a discussion about when it is motivated to use an advanced computer model and when simpler methods can be used.
  • Computer exercises with Star-CCM+ :
    • Gas phase combustion
    • Multiphase flow (non-reacting)
    • Coal combustion
  • Home assignment: each student will use an advanced CAE-tool (e.g. Star-CCM, Ansys-Fluent, Ansys-CFX or Barracuda) to solve a problem connected to their own project. The main goal is to learn by doing and not to publish the result in an international journal. Hence, the model can be simplified and the results do not need to be validated against experiment. However, the report should be well written and hold good publication standard.

Target group: Graduate students and engineers from industry who want to have an overview of the subject area combined with a deeper theoretical understanding.

Time: November 25-29

Venue: Luleå University of Technology

Program: Course program

Credits: 3 to 7.5 ECTS for PhD students at universities.

Travel/accomodation/meals: The participants need to arrange their own travel and accommodation. Meals, i.e. lunches, coffee/tea and one dinner will be provided.


Rikard Gebart, e-mail:
Joakim Lundgren, e-mail:


Members of the SFC (students or employees): 2000 SEK

TU Wien and KIT/HVI GasTech: 2000 SEK

Other external participants: 10 000 SEK

The cost for the course includes all refreshments during the breaks, 5 lunch meals, one dinner and literature.

Event Information


November 25, 2019 10:30 am - November 29, 2019 2:00 pm


Luleå University of Technology

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October 21, 2019 12:00 am